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Stop clicking around, search for everything you need in a go!

Search anything from history, bookmarks, downloads to open tabs from anywhere


What comes with Spotlight?

Everything you need to save your time. With just one shortcut, fly through your tabs.


Browse quickly from new tab

S**t loads of tab open? Quickly search or browse your open tabs from right from new tab. With the new tab redesigned from scratch, use chrome like a pro.

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Access on any page with a shortcut

Access Spotlight from anywhere with cmd + m. Search, browse, switch between tabs or close any tab right from the widget.

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There's more to it...

Spotlight comes with powerful actions that adds superpower to your browsing experience.

Search Everything

Type what you are looking for and it's there. Search open tabs, history, bookmarks, downloads in a go.

Switch to previous tab

Stop the struggle to get back to your previous tab. Press Cmd ⌘ + E and switch to previous tab.

Strike out duplicates

Multiple tabs open in 5 different windows? Clean up your tabs with same website from all windows.

Close Old Tabs

Forget to close tabs when done? Now you can close all these tabs that you haven't visited.

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  • New tab re-designed to access anything in one go
  • Press Cmd ⌘ + M to access on any page
  • Cmd ⌘ + E (Fastest way to get back to previous active tab)
  • Handy access to history, bookmarks, downloads
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New Feature

Switch to previous tab

An easy shortcut for your most diffcult problem

Stop the struggle to get back to your previous tab. Press Cmd ⌘ + E and switch to previous tab. It's a back button for your tabs.

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One command center for all actions

Use Spotlight to manage chrome faster than ever before. Do all the magic with just one shortcut - Cmd + M

Forever Access

Valid license for single device. Receive unlimited updates.

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